Thursday, July 3, 2008

More family pics

Here are just a few more family photos from the wedding weekend.
First, my uncle Chan and my dad (brothers) catching up.

Next, my sister Tanya's girl, Alyssa, found my pretty bronze colored (shiny) shoes, and had to give them a go. She even managed to take a few steps in them, something many grown women couldn't do.

And finally, some more of that adorable baby Sam (my sister Patti's newborn). He was born 5 lbs 9 oz, and still is tiny. Check out those spindly legs!

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Mary Kalree said...

cute pics!! I miss the hinmans! So does Tanya have a blog? Tell her she should, because her fans need updates. :) Congrats on the wedding car, it looked fun.

Christy said...

No, Tanya doesn't have a blog. We are trying to get her to start one, but she says Callie won't let her sit down at a computer for more than 2 minutes... But maybe someday.