Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ryan's Big Spill (Caution: graphic images)

About two weeks ago we had a great sunny warm weekend that was perfect for a long bike ride. Ryan went with friend Jake to do about 110 miles around Utah Lake and back home again. At about mile 80 he got a little hungry and instead of stopping to get food out of his pack, he decided to just reach back while riding to try and get it out. Going about 25-30 mph he lost his balance with the reaching and hit the pavement, head/helmet first. And that's why you wear a helmet folks. The helmet was split and the arm and hip were hurting, but after a little rest he got back on his bike and rode a few more miles. Jake took another look at his arm and decided to call his wife to rescue them and get Ryan to the hospital.

Picture #1: the elbow in the hospital. This just doesn't look right. X-rays showed the end of his bone (the forearm) broke clean off and would need surgery to be pinned back on.
Picture #2-3: four days after the accident the bruising was getting good. This is the day before surgery. Inside of the arm and a shot from behind (of the arm).Picture# 4-5: a week after the surgery, the bruising continues. The first one is a close-up of the side of Ryan's leg (side of the thigh) which still has a swollen lump on it. The second one is the inside of the arm again. The flash washed it out a bit, but honestly, I didn't even know that skin could turn that color. It's the deepest solid purple-black I've ever seen.
Picture #6: the (future) scar & stitches from the surgery, about 6 inches long.
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Anonymous said...

Hope you get better soon!! Be more careful Ryan!! You have a baby on the way!! Love yall. Take care of yourselves.

Nichols Family said...

wowsers! sexy leg shot though!!!

Dave said...
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Patti said...

PS That comment by Dave was really by me. That picture of the back of his arm looks like it's his naked legs-haha. Good thing you have detailed captions!

Unknown said...

This is so painful to look at. Especially because I broke my arm and shoulder last August while in NY and it brought back so many memories. My husband can't believe yours got back on the bike.