Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Recovery Project

I saw this photo on Decor8 and about died. I love them so much. So much.
And since I don't have a ticket to Amsterdam, what if I bought these chairs off KSL and did this to them? I could tightly wrap them in strips of fabric, and even coat them in a mod podge--or not. Maybe not. But I would somehow glue down the fabric so it stayed in place for practical use.

Only $45 for a set of 6! Link.
Or these blue ones(I would reupholster in black and just wrap the legs & arms in a plaid fabric). Just $95 for a set of 6!
Even these might work, if they could be successfully spray painted. Just $4 each! What a steal!
Oh, if only I had all the time in the world... I really want to take on a project like this (and I really want a new dining set), but I'm a little intimidated about the amount of time it would take. Not to mention my craft room is still in shambles after the move. Pin It

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