Monday, June 6, 2011

Simplest Sewn Fabric Bag (Tutorial)

I needed to make 15 simple cute bags for Girl's Camp in a few weeks (for 12-18 yr. old girls). So I used a little bag from Anthropologie as my pattern (even their baggies are cute!). You can make these any size you want, and they are about as fast and easy as it comes.
(Since mine are basically going to be disposable, I didn't bother ironing).

I started with a scrap of fabric that was 8x10 inches.
Next, just barely fold in the top edges on both sides, about and inch and a half or two inches.

And sew that.
Like so.
Now you are going to roll over a seam, so fold it down once along the top, then fold again and pin it down.

And sew along the bottom of that fold, leaving a big enough gap for a safety pin to pass through.
Fold the whole thing in half (vertically), right sides together, and pin.
Starting at the seam stitch you just sewed, sew along the outside edge and bottom.

Flip inside out (or actually outside out)...
 Tie a piece of twine, embroidery floss, ribbon, or whatever around the end of a safety pin and feed it through the gap in the top of the bag and out the other side.

Tie a knot in the end and voila!
Fill your cute bag with whatever you see fit! Pretzels, candy, manicure kit, sunglasses, money, etc. But if you fill it with money, send it to me, okay? Thanks.
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