Wednesday, October 5, 2011

No-Sew Binkie Clip Tutorial

You don't have to have a sewing machine for this one, but you will need a spool of thread. This kind of clip will work with most pacifiers, including the round ones the hospital gives you.

spool of thread
suspender clip
hair elastic

Step 1: Cut your ribbon to length.
Measure and cut your ribbon to the desired length. Keep in mind you will be folding it over at both ends, so allow enough length for that.

Step 2: Stop the fray.
You can use Fray-Check if you prefer, but I think it works better to take a match and run the ends of the ribbon across the flame so they slightly melt (provided it's got some polyester in it).

Step 3: Thread your ribbon through the suspender clip.
Step 4: Set your snaps.
Follow the simple instructions of the back of the snap package to set your snaps. Basically you line up the front piece and back piece of the snap on the ribbon, center it under the spool of thread, and hammer on top of the spool to force the two pieces into each other. When both parts of the snap are set, snap it together around the suspender clip.

Step 5: Thread your ribbon through a small hair elastic.
Srep 6: Set the snaps at the other end of the ribbon and close around the hair elastic.

Step 7: Thread the hair elastic through a hole in the pacifier, or the handle if it has one.

Step 8: Thread the clip end through the hair elastic and pull it though.

Step 9: Pull it tight and you are done!

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Emily said...

The hair elastic is genius! I think I need to try hammering my snaps. I bought a snap kit with those pliers and they're pretty useless. I finally tried sew in snaps and they're not bad but not as pretty as yours.

먹튀검증 said...

Keep doing what you are doing – for sure i will check out more posts.

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토토 said...

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