Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

This year we decided to keep it fairly simple. He got flowers for me, I made a cake for him (and Ava made a card). It's a 4 layer cake (2 layers strawberry cake and 2 layers white cake) with a mousse frosting. The frosting is what makes this so delicious. Two cups of milk, two cups of Cool Whip, and two 4oz boxes of pudding*. I was out of red food coloring (oops!) so I improvised and added a little strawberry Jello to the frosting to give it a hint of pink. Refrigerate the cake for a few hours and that moist pudding starts to soak into those layers and Mmmm, it's delicious. We also went to a movie tonight, which is something we haven't done for about a year and a half. Quite enjoyable. Hope your day was too!

*I usually don't care for processed ingredients, but I've tried this with real whipped cream and I prefer the less rich, light and fluffy taste that the Cool Whip gives it. Homemade pudding would probably be better, but who has the time? Pin It

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Lori said...

VERY cute! You are always so creative.