Thursday, July 19, 2012

DIY Reversible Headbands

Soon I will have a week at Lake Powell followed by a week of Girls Camp, which means desperate times for my hair. I wanted something to help mask the bedraggled look I usually sport for each of those hairdryer-lacking weeks. These headbands are a perfect use for small scraps from the fabric stash and a great way to add style. Plus they are super quick to make (like 20 minutes). I'd like to make 100 of them! I'm obsessed with this first fabric. It has a fabulous subtle sheen to it. I'm planning to make a maxi skirt with it too.

I wish I had a better picture than this. Photography is my weakness. Or maybe it's modeling.

And guess what. I'm going to share the pattern with you! Here is the link, and let me know if you have any issues with it. And here's a little tip: If you don't have elastic, you can use the elastic from an old bra strap! If you look closely you can see that each of these 3 headbands has a slightly different type of elastic (all the same width though).

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Brad and Kimberly said...

you can't look cute at lake powell. It is against the rules! But if you insist on looking cute, you must make a couple for me. My hair is crazy!

Ashley Livingston said...

Love these! Definitely going to try them :)

Anonymous said...

I don't see any measurements for fabric for headband?

Michele T. said...

I am getting an error for the headband link.

Manaro said...

I am getting an error for the headband link also

Manaro said...

I am getting an error for the headband link also