Sunday, May 19, 2013

5K Foam Fest

This post is a departure from my normal craftiness, but it's too good not to share (plus I'm giving you a discount code). First, check out this video:

The 5K Foam Fest is a 5K fun run with obstacles and bubbles and mud and the world's largest inflatable slide. This slide is called the Death Drop, 40 ft high, and I'm dying to do it! (Do you see the ant-sized people around it?)

The great thing about this kind of a run is that it is for everyone! Even if you aren't a runner, you can do this because you can take it at your own pace. Doesn't it look like a blast?! These events are held all over the country (USA).

And for my Utah readers I have a special discount for you! So get all your friends together and sign up at Use the discount code


and combined with early bird pricing that will only cost you $40 instead of $75 (day of the race registration). Children must be at least 10 yrs old to participate, but they do have bouncy houses and some fun stuff for younger kids to be entertained as well. I can hardly wait!
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