Sunday, April 11, 2010

Anthro Scarf Cardi

So back in December, while Christmas shopping, I saw this Scarf Trick Sweater at Anthropologie, one of my favorite stores. To me, it was a little bit too literal. A scarf weaved through the button-holes of a sweater. (How dare I criticize Anthro, I know, but in person it really was!) Plus it was expensive...
So I decided to make my own version using an old satin belt sash I had, and a cardigan I found at Target on clearance for $5. Here is the result.
Basically, I loosly bunched the sash, pinned it down, and stitched all over in a random non-pattern. It's a little bit of a different look, but I still like it (though I prefer the shape of the Anthro sweater). Pin It

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