Thursday, April 15, 2010

Finally... a Bumper Pad

I thought I could get away without a bumper pad in A's crib. I thought they were a marketing scam to get people to spend more money on bedding. I was wrong. Too many times now, I have found her crying in her crib with her head against the slats, and twice even with an arm through the slats. So it was past time for a crib bumper.
Had I know I was going to make one, I would have put the stripes as the skirt and the dots as the bumper. Oh well, whatever. I used the bumper pads that Jo-Ann's sells to make this, but their instructions had me making 6 separate pieces instead of linking them all. Unfortunately I had cut half the material before I realized this, but I was still able to connect the long side panels, like a typical bumper pad. That explains the many ties in the corners though. Pin It


Emily said...

Looks great! I love the colors and pattern. I've also been holding out on a bumper pad for my baby but I think the day is coming.

Unknown said...

love this!