Monday, October 25, 2010

Black and Glittered Pumpkins

This year I decided to match my pumpkins with my Halloween wreath. I spray painted them glossy black (took several coats of paint). I then drew webs with glue, and sprinkled on the fine purple glitter. The Elmers glue was a little globby at first (see large pumpkin), and the glue that comes with the Martha Stewart glitter drew a fine line, but it was hard to see the web design with that (see small pumpkin). So you may want to practice on a piece of paper before attacking your pumpkin, if you ever do this.
I was hoping to get some better photos, but with the cold rain that is lingering here, I think these will just have to do. And P.S. don't put these out where they will get rained on. It washes away the glitter and glue.
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