Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Food Round-up

The octo-pot-pie was just the beginning. Here I've collect an assortment of scary Halloween treats for you to try for your next party. Some of these, I'm not sure I could eat. Like the ham skull. Ick!
I'm planning on trying this first one out tomorrow:
Melon Brains, also via Instructables.
Vampire Lolliipops (or Blood Suckers, as I like to call them). via Tissuepapers.

Meat Head /Ham Skull (I'm putting just the link because
I can't bear to have that image on my blog).
Halloween Mashed Bootatoes. via Martha Stewart.
Eyeball (tomato) Soup. via Little Birdie Secrets.
Jellied Eyeballs. via Jelly Shot Test Kitchen.
Candy Corn Jello. via Jelly Shot Test Kitchen.
Cake Pops from Bakerella.
 Ghost Pretzel Sticks from Kids Fun Reviewed.
Witches Fingers. via Kids Fun Reviewed. (I've had these with a thin pretzel stick in the center—like a bone. Eeeew.)
Meat Hand from Not Martha.
Brain Muffins. via Prudent Baby.
 Spider Suckers. via Oh Dee Doh.
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