Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bathroom Makeover: The Reveal

Enough delay. Forget the rug. Here's the bathroom!

The cat seems to like it...
I ended up spray painting the mirror (Craigs List, $30), but in retrospect I think I should have used a brush. I may still do that, so I can get a color that matches the towel better. Because of all the grooves and ornateness of the mirror, I think a brush would work fine on it and not leave those despised brush strokes visible.
The hand towels are these:
The toilet corner...
I saw a bike print almost like this at Etsy, but it was the wrong size and slightly wrong colors for what I wanted. So I recreated it, and I hope that's okay. I won't be selling it or anything. Painted this $2 gilded frame white to match the trim and cabinets. For that I did use a brush and it came out great.
And since everyone likes to read in the bathroom, why not have a magazine rack? Is that shameful or just practical? I like to think it's practical. Or at least realistic.
Extra info:
Painting the cabinets turned out to be quite a pain. I think I didn't sand them sufficiently. So when I did the first door with a nice brush, and still saw too much brush strokage and uneven coverage, I had to sand them down again. I opted to use an electrical sander this time, and the paint all started beading up in a few places and creating edges and it was just a mess. 
But I finally prevailed and got the whole thing painted using a small foam roller. That required a lot of coats of paint, but looks so much smoother and professionally finished. For me, definitely the way to go.

Taping the walls (and then retaping for the second color) took some time, but it was worth it. And I didn't have to do very much touch up. I did use a level, if you are wondering.
I think I will probably go with this rug from Garnet Hill, and be done with it all! Hopefully it actually looks like the internet photo.
Can you imagine if I ever tried to makeover my kitchen, or something big? It might take me 10 years. The boy nursery (crib bedding is almost done) and the girl toddler room (not even started) are next though... so wish me luck! I've only got about 2 months to finish both of those! Yeah, yeah, I know some of you could do them both in a week. I wish I could! Pin It


Lori said...

LOVE the bathroom! I love that bike print you recreated too!!!

Jared and Lauren said...

I love it! You are awesome!! I can't wait to see the kiddos rooms!

Jenae said...

I love the striped paint. I've been wanting to do that to Will's room, but I don't have the patience. Can you just come to Vegas for a week and help me paint?

Christy said...

Jenae, I think the worst part about painting is always the preparation and masking. And you can take your time doing that. The painting part goes fairly quickly. But maybe I should come to Vegas... it's probably warmer and dryer than here!

Kat said...

I think you did well, considering you have a toddler running around! Great job! I love the colors. I've been dying to do those colors in my room!