Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Bathroom Goodness

I'm a fan of framed bathroom mirrors. Where I live, in houses that I can afford, builders tend to just put in plain borderless mirrors in every bathroom. So framing the mirrors is something I've wanted to learn how to do. Of course I could pay someone else five times as much to do it for me, but why do that when I know is totally do-able myself? (Or at least do-able for my hubby, if I can convince him to do it).
I found a great tutorial at Show & Tell on custom framing your bathroom mirrors. Basically, you take some crown molding and/or baseboard trim, measure it, miter cut it, paint the back, and glue it on with liquid nail. Then fill in the gaps with dry-dex and caulk, paint it, and you're done! But there's a more thorough explanation and details over at Show & Tell.
I won't be able to get to this project myself for a little while still, but I can hardly wait to give it a try. It looks pretty simple, and the results are so great!
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Lori said...

LOVE the framed look! so cool. i am excited to see your finished product!

Shower Doors Suffolk County said...

Bathroom DIY can seem quite scary at first, knowing not where to begin considering you don't want to damage anything (its the bathroom!!) can be a big problem for many. Luckily though, theres plenty of tutorials online and on other blogs that can teach you really well and easily how to do mirrors DIY.

Good luck!!

tricia williams said...

What size molding did you use for both pieces? This looks amazing!

Christy said...

Tricia, I haven't done this myself yet, you'll have to click the link for Show & Tell to find out the details like that. Maybe you can ask her. Good luck!