Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Letter "A"

Oh dear, where have I been. Making a few things and not posting. And exercising. I declared 2012 as the year of exercise, because I'm tired of being out of shape. So my other creative endeavors have had a little less attention. So sorry my dear friends.
On with the show. About a month ago I made covered this letter "A" with fabric for some wall decor in Ava's otherwise barren room. You can see her bed and duvet cover here. The walls have been painted a very light yellow. The front "mulberry" colored fabric is by Joel Dewberry and the side fabric is by Moda. The letter is about a foot and a half tall.

It has a light layer of batting under the front layer and the sides are smooth and flat. I just used a hot glue gun to make it. And an iron.

Yes, the right arm of it really is lopsided. It was the only one they had at the craft store though. That will probably always drive me crazy.

This last photo probably has the most accurate coloring, at least on my screen.

I've just finished painting a nightstand for her as well, but I haven't gotten a new handle for it yet. Once that is in place I will post a couple more photos. She still need curtains and a dresser, among other things. All in good time (I hope!) Pin It