Saturday, September 6, 2008

Orange Dreamsicle Purse

I made another purse today. Eggshell white with orange stitching and orange interior. The interior fabric is by Anna Marie Horner. I wish the button was a tad brighter, but it's all they had in orange, and I love these giant buttons.
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Cathe Holden said...

This purse is DELICIOUS!!
Very beautiful work you do.
Your blog is lovely.

Anonymous said...

SO Pretty. my sewing machine is finally up and going. I am going to have to call you and find out how to do those. I love it!

Travis and Kat Cook said...

That is an awesome purse! I wish I could do something like that... sewing and being crafty just isn't my talent. Oh I wish though!... You're awesome!

Kendra said...

I LOVE this! Orange dreamsicles are my favorite!