Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wedding Weekend

Here are some photos from the wedding weekend. Starting with Friday night, I had a pedicure party at my house so we could all have dianty toenails for the special day. But mostly an excuse to see all my loved ones who are in town (to see them on more than just wedding day).

First is my sister Jen, with her boy Ashton, who wanted in on the fun. Daddy was not amused.

Next is cousin Allie's girl Emma sharing her bows with sister Becky's youngest, Anna, who isn't quite sure what's going on. By the way, the bows are handmade by Allie, and they are fabulous.

Moving on to the wedding day, we have a shadowy photo of me with Ryan, who is oh so photogenic, right? And both of us in need of a haircut I think.

Let's not forget the reason for all this happiness! Congratulations Peter and Tiffany Hinman!

By the time the reception rolled around, it had been a long day.But after Peter had gotten so festive with car decorations for all of our weddings, it was time to repay the favor. Aside from the pinata, the car was filled with ballooned shopping bags, rubber slugs and worms, pool float noodles, and windows were markered all over (with car safe window markers), etc. Peter thought that parking his own car in his garage at home would keep it safe, but he was wrong. We got it too. (Sorry, no pictures of that one).

I have to mention though, the original idea for the car prank, that all of us were too exhausted to execute (but all wish we could have). The boys were planning to buy some sheets of drywall and build an actual wall around the car. It was a fun idea, too bad it didn't happen.

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