Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Not-so-tacky thumbtacks

A little lunchbreak posting here...
A while back I missed a button making party with some of the girls from work, but Erin was kind enough to give me one of the "tools" to make some on my own time. So here they are.

These are fabric covered buttons, with the metal button loop removed and a thumbtack glued on instead. My glue gun was at my other house, so I improvised with super glue, and it wasn't even the gel kind--it was the thin runny liquid kind. So hopefully they stay put. A fun way to customize. Pin It


Shanan said...

Hmmm... I wouldn't have thought of using the dome shaped buttons like that. I will have to customize my own. Thanks for the post!

Lauren said...

Chirsty! These are SO cute!