Thursday, October 2, 2008

A peek inside my brain

Did you ever look at clouds and find shapes when you were a kid? I must have done a lot of this because I still see shapes. I see shapes in all kinds of places. I don't try to see shapes, they just jump out at me. And p.s.--I know this is wierd.

See Exhibit A:

Exhibit A is a (low res) photo of a travertine bathroom tile I see regularly. Do you see what I see in this tile?

See Exhibit B:

And now, Exhibit C:
Good thing I just drew it from my memory instead of getting too literal. Exhibit C is a little scary. And by the way, there is a fat fish wearing goggles and a crown in the neighboring tile. Pin It


Talk of the Town said...

Haha, you are so funny.

Mary Kalree said...

Cool post. So when I looked at the tile I saw a profile of a gorilla. He's mean lookin', so you'd better watch out for him in the shower. We need to talk sometime. Call me when you have free time!

TODD + ANNIE said...

I love it! I totally see the little animal, whatever it is. How are you? It is sad that we don't see all of you as often now that we aren't in Provo. I hope all is well. And just so you know, I love your blog. It is so creative and exciting to look at on a boring day at work.