Monday, January 26, 2009

Ironing Board Custom Cover

My ironing board needed a makeover. I used a pattern that my friend Paula let me copy (she made it herself) and it worked out fabulously. Very easy to make. And this fabric goes quite nicely with my slate floors. You might recognize this fabric from the earrings I recently made, link here.

And as long as I'm in the laundry room, let me share with you one of my favorite things. When we built our house, we put a pass through door from the master closet to the laundry room. It's nestled in a shelf in the master closet and opens right over the counter in the laundry room where we keep our dirty laundry basket. No more dirty clothes in our closet waiting to be carted out for washing! You really should try and put one in your house, if it works, 'cause it's great! Here's the view from the closet side:

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Patti said...

good idea for the dirty clothes!

Kellee Marie Cook said...

Pretty sure I still haven't even been to your guys' house!!