Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dipe-n-Wipe & Pee-Pee TeePees

It's baby season and I have another baby shower coming up (have you ever noticed that everyone you know has babies within a 6 month period? This time I'm one of them, hooray!). I still had plenty of fabric from my last diaper clutch changing pad, so I made another one, plus a little set of matching pee-pee teepees (to protect you from baby boy's little sprinkler during a change). I need to buy some wee diapers to wrap up in the changing pad clutch (which I've decided to call the Dipe-n-Wipe since it holds diapers and wipers). All are lined with a very soft chocolate brown flannel.

I still had some fabric to spare so I used Paula's bib pattern to make a bib for the next baby boy shower to come along. The back side of this is also chocolate brown flannel, good for wiping. All of these are machine washable, which is a must, right?
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Patti said...

I'm impressed that you made all that. Machine washable is definitely a must! Are you having a baby shower already?

Nicole said...

Love the Pee pee tee pees! We have a couple dozen in preperation for our little guy:)

Diana said...

My experience has been that it is just the newborns that will pee while you are changing their diaper. They pretty soon learn to control themselves, which is why I know that people who practice infant potty-training are not totally crazy. You can train a baby to eliminate on cue. But it kind of has to be the sole focus of your life, which is why it hasn't caught on in first world countries.