Thursday, May 7, 2009

Prego Progression

Here's a little photo documentary of my growing belly week by week (minus a couple). Thanks again to my photographer friend Casey for taking a moment each week to do this for me!
Week 10: A little bump starting, and a windy bad hair day.
Week 11: The little bump is slightly larger.
Week 13: The bump is slightly hidden by the tie on my sweater.
Week 14: Time for a haircut.
Week 15: Starting to show a little more now.
Week 17: Whoa, I popped out in the last 2 weeks! Tight shirt helps.
Week 18: Jacket masks the belly a little, too bad it doesn't hide my face! Not a good one for my face.
Week 19: Here we go. The belly has come to stay, the wardrobe is thinning, fewer shirts are fitting. Time to buy some real maternity clothes.

Thanks everyone for your kind comments on my baby girl announcement. Hopefully I will be showing you some homemade baby dresses soon! Pin It


Jenae said...

This is darling. I love the little bump, you look great!

Kellee Marie Cook said...

love the baby bump!! now I just need baby olivia or ava to kick for me!!