Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pretty Rubber Gloves

Another item for the list of Things I'd Like to Make But May Never Get To: Prettied up rubber gloves. I first got the idea from these I saw at Hip & Humble in SLC (sorry for the blurry phone pic).These ones are from Fresh Studio on Etsy. Here's how I'd do mine.
Rather than using oilcloth or vinyl, I would take a cotton fabric (like for quilting, nice and lightweight) and do the iron-on vinyl. It's not as heavy that way, so it would stay up. I've seen some done with pleats all around (Gloveables), but I would keep mine simple and just do it straight so it would hold up instead of flopping over. I've seen some with ruffles around the vinyl too, which is way cute. I think I would look forward to cleaning if I had some darling gloves to wear!
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