Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to School

I've found another project to add to my list of Things I'd Like to Make But May Never Get To. This pencil holder and bowl from Pottery Barn Kids. Here's how I'd attempt it:
Get a bunch of No.2 pencils of varying lengths, tie them together around a glass jar (maybe jam, or salsa, mmmm). Then I would glue them all together, let it dry, (remove the string/rubberband that held them together) and take some spray paint to it. Lots of spray paint. Lay it on nice and thick. The paper clip bowl I would probably use some sort of baking clay and mold it around a glass bowl, then press paperclips into the clay. Bake if necessary (after removing the glass bowl), and coat in spray paint. I would make mine yellowy yellow. To match my desk legs. If you try this at home, send me an email and a photo! Pin It

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