Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Costumes--the Photos

As promised, here are more photos of our costumes. I made them both (details at the end, if you are interested). If you aren't familiar with it, I'm the house from the movie Up.
Halloween is kind of a big deal at my office, and I look forward to it all year. They even set up a little photo booth for us to all get our pictures done.
My hair quickly became staticky. I only have this photo for now.

For the house I carved and taped together boxes, painted it with cheap craft paint, and drew on the siding and shingles with a marker.
For the peacock, I got the tights at Gymboree, the onesie at Old Navy, and the rest of the supplies at Hobby Lobby. (I'm kind of obsessed with these tights. She will be wearing them a lot this winter.) Pin It


Joellyn said...

These are sooo amazing! You totally deserved the win :)

Mark and Emily said...

I just ran across this post from last Halloween and love love love your little peacock! How did you make her tail? I'd love some instructions to be able to recreate it for my little stinker this Halloween. Thanks!!

Christy said...

Thanks Emily! I have no way of contacting you with that information, so if you will send me an email then I would be happy to explain how I made it!
Click on my profile info and you can email me from there. Thanks!

Christy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amy Schellenbaum said...

Hello Christy,

My name is Amy Schellenbaum and I work for the online team at Country Living Magazine. We’re looking for bloggers to contribute DIY kids costume ideas for a Halloween package and would love to include the adorable peacock costume in the story! We just would need your permission to include an edited version of your process and one of your pictures. In return, we’ll link to your blog on and promote it to our Facebook and Twitter fans.

Please let me know if you’re interested by emailing me at

Hope to hear from you soon!

Amy Schellenbaum

Country Living Magazine

(212) 649-2434

Christy said...
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Ashley Butler said...

How oh how did you do the peacock feathers?! AFter seeing this, my soon to be 1 year old MUST be a peacock for Halloween :) my email is ashleybweber at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

I, like most people who commented here, MUST know how you made that peacock tail!!!! It is adorable! Could you email me?
Thanks in advance! (love the house too, how creative.)

Christy said...

Hi friends,
I've posted instructions on how to make the peacock costume. Here is the link:


Leighannn said...

I am dying!!!

A peacock!!! My favorite!
Great job!

Tricia @ SweeterThanSweets said...

The peacock costume is SO adorable! I just featured it on my blog's Cutest Handmade DIY Kids Halloween Costumes! Thanks for sharing!

Marie said...

Ok the UP house is awesome! Your little peacock is so adorable!!!! Thanks for sharing!


Lindsay Artsy-Fartsy Mama said...

Too cute! Thanks for sharing :) I featured your adorable peacock on my blog today, feel free to come check it out & grab a featured button!

Anonymous said...

how did you do the back of the house?

Christy said...

Anonymous—for the back of the house I just looked at a ton of photos and images from the movie and copied what I saw. I put a slit in the roof and tied a ribbon through it which is where all the balloons tied onto (I fed them through the inside of the box house so they looked like they were coming from inside.)

Frances Vawter said...

Could you tell me how to make the peacock costume? its absolutely adorable.

Bracelets said...

Wow, the peacock costume looks amazing and enjoyed watching this photo. Thanks for the share…

mama chavoya said...

could you share with me how you made the peacock costume?? i love it and would love my daughter to have one for next halloween.

Ashley said...

I would also LOVE to know how you made the peacock tail. I would be forever grateful.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I would also like to know how you made the peacock costume! Thank you.

Brenna Williamson said...

Hi Christy! I just LOVE your blog! SUPER cute ideas!! Would you be willing to share with me how you made the house from UP? If so my email is : Thank you SO much!!

Halloween Costumes said...

Beautiful fairy dress for children, I’m trying to make it for my baby.

Anonymous said...

the peacock costume is adorable! will you please email me how you created the tail?! thanks so much and an awesome job!

marcy said...

i love the peacock costume and would love to make one for my daughter this year. would you be able to email me info on how you made the tail please? my email is
thanks so much and great idea!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely lOve the peacock outfit! And want to make one for my daughter! Can you please share with me how you did it?

Kristina said...

My daughter is being a peacock this year for Halloween, and I am having the hardest time finding those tights, I find them adorable! And was wondering where the step by step is on making the tail and everything? I remember seeing it once, but now can't find it again. Can you please email me the directions? :)

Unknown said...

I too was trying to find the link to make the peacock tail. If you could email to me what would be awesome I love the costume so much!


Christy said...

For anyone interested in the peacock costume, you can follow this link and read through:

kristina said...

Hi! I JUST built the house costume based on your picture but I need to paint it. I was wondering how you painted the sides and back of the house. I am so lost :( email me if possible:


Kristin said...

I love your peacock costume! It's absolutely adorable!! Last October I received 25 orders for turquoise onesies and orange tights thanks to your photos being Pinned.

Unknown said...

Would LOVE a tutorial on how to make the peacock tail! Please email me at swankmama at live dot ca!

rina said...

Awesome house costume. But, the peacock piece is sooo adorable.

akgarci said...

Your peacock costume is just amazing! I was wondering if you could possibly send me the intrusions on how to recreate it. My email is Thank you so much for sharing such an adorable picture!

taylor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Hi! I plan on making an Up house costume for Halloween this year. Do you have any more pics? I would especially like to see how you did the back. Thank you so much for posting!

Unknown said...

Me gusta mucho tu disfraz de UP!
Me podrías pasar tus moldes / patrones? Por favor
Mi correo es:

HealthTips said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

Would you be willing to send me the diy instructions for the peacock tail as well? Please and thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christy. I love this idea! My three year old wants to be a house for Halloween so I thought this would be pefect. I was wondering if you could please email me more detailed instructions for adding the roof and arm holes, and the part of the house which comes out from the rest of the house? Thanks so much.

Meal5 said...

Your little peacock is so adorable!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Yumvilla said...

I love this idea, thanks so much!

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Some ideas for Halloween costumes limited not only to horror, but pop culture characters in general:

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