Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Work in Progress

Happy St. Patty's Day! {pinch, pinch}

Today I am prepping my cabinets for painting. The bathroom walls are painted (despite having to wait a couple of days for more paint to come in) and I like them. The hand towels are in, but the rug is on back order until the end of April. Boo. So for now I will paint the cabinets and mirror.
Part of what is taking me so long is just mental block. I'm always scared to start something I've never done before because what if it doesn't work and then I've just ruined perfectly good cabinets? So wish me luck. I finally filled the knots in the wood and started sanding. Hopefully tomorrow I can prime and then Saturday paint! Whoo!
If the finish comes out as smooth as I'm hoping, I will probably use the same technique on the mirror, rather than spray painting. Then I can get just exactly the shade I want. Wish me luck! Pin It


Lori said...

GOOD LUCK! I BET YOU WILL DO AN AMAZING JOB! (Sorry for the yelling but i wanted to emphasize it!)

I bet it is fun with A around!

Annie Traynor said...

Good luck! Everything you make/create that I've seen has turned out awesome so I know this will too!