Saturday, June 18, 2011

World's Best Pop

Here's a little glimpse of what the father in our house will be getting on Sunday. A collection of "Pop" items! Soda Pop (IBC Rootbeer), Popcorn, Pop-tarts, and a Blow Pop lollipop.

Wrap it all up and throw a ribbon on it, and there you go. A sweet little treat for your special Pop.

(To make the label, take a 1" x 12" strip of scrapbooking paper and fold it in small accordian folds. Glue the 2 ends together with a hot glue gun. The center part is just printed on a color printer and punched out with a scallop circle craft punch. Flatten your accordian folded paper into a circle and hot glue the scallop circle label onto the center. Then just glue it onto a cute ribbon and drape it over your bag of goodies.) Pin It


Lori said...

I like the POP theme. That's great!!!

miss ali said...
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Danielle Lyn said...

So cute!

Eileen Hughes said...

What a great idea so simple and inexpensive.

Shambray said...

I would like to use this post in a roundup I am putting together. I would use a small picture in a collage and put a link to your post. Please let me know if this is something you are okay with! Thanks so much.


Love Kpop said...

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