Friday, August 12, 2011

The Littlest Tomato Plant: A Story

Like many of you, I planted a garden this year. This is my first time ever to do a garden. I was pleasantly surprised when my garden began to grow and thrive. And then one day, my cherry tomato plant was chewed off at the base. Then the thyme disappeared over night. Then my parsley began to shake and my cat was next to it staring intently. The culprit? Gophers!
Soon one bell pepper plant disappeared, then another and another and another. We couldn't find the holes though, so Ryan dug deep trenches on either side of the garden box in hopes of discouraging them. That didn't work. Then we sprinkled gopher poison in the trenches. That seemed to do the trick. But only after so many casualties.
The dead plants that weren't completely eaten were thrown in the compost box, in which I planted pumpkins and corn because I ran out of room in the garden box. So there was some good soil in there too. A few weeks later Ryan noticed a tomato plant growing in there. It was just a scrawny little twig, but he moved it over to a now vacant spot in the garden.  I laughed and said, "Good luck with that."
But whad'ya know, this little guy was a fighter. One day I looked out and saw two tiny little tomatoes growing on that single 10" stalk.
So here's to all those who keep on fighting, even amid the toughest challenges and obstacles. Pin It

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