Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Black Bow Headband

For Ava's birthday I bought her a 3 pack of satin headbands on clearance with the intention of adding some flair. Ava still has barely any hair, so I like to have some girlie accessories for her so she doesn't get mistaken for a boy, which does happen from time to time.
This week I finally fancied up one of the headbands. Originally I was planning to do a twisted satin rosette but at the last minute decided to go with a simple black bow. I was going to take pictures of my process for you, but the kiddos just weren't allowing it, so my apologies.

If you want to make one, it's just a loop of satin ribbon pinched and hot-glued onto the headband, with another satin strip wrapped and hot-glued over the middle. Super-duper easy.

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Emily said...

So cute!

Lori said...

Very cute!

Heidi Perez said...

Classy and sophisticated!