Monday, February 27, 2012

The Origins of "Keep Calm"

Doubtless you've seen something with the Keep Calm and Carry On slogan, or some other play on the slogan. Well now you can read up on it's history. I knew it was a WWII poster, but didn't realize that they were never actually released. Find the article here.
Flickr photo by mediafury
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Mary Kalree said...

Hello Creatively Christy,

I have a craft related question for you. I bought the Laat toddler table from Ikea and I want to paint it blue. I have some spray paint on hand, but wondering if
1-- if spray paint will work for project
2-- if one can would be enough for the the whole table (I've only used a tiny so already).

Thanks for your advice, o kind expert friend of mine,


Mary Kalree said...

Forgot the link