Friday, July 6, 2012

Birthday Boy: Kabob Cupcakes

Last week Ezra turned one. For our weekly family dinner with my in-laws, I brought some cupcakes in celebration. I found this cute idea on Pinterest for some grill-kabob cupcakes and I decided to make those.

The frosting is yellow and orange "flames". The grill is made from melting black candy melts and using a pastry tip and bag, tracing over a circle template placed under some parchment paper. The kabobs are cut up gummy bears on toothpicks. You can find instructions here.
Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera and I only have this terrible quality phone pic of him eating it. Shame on me. (And shame on my phone for being a piece of junk).
I was planning a real birthday party for him with a shark theme, and I have some fun ideas, but I'm not sure I have the energy to go through with it all. My kids haven't slept for a month, and so neither have I.  But perhaps I will share my ideas anyway, in case you want to do a shark party!

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Dave said...

That's unfortunate about the sleeping. I hope that gets better soon. It seems like all it takes is one bad night of sleeping to get in the habit of not sleeping through the night. We often have to retrain the kids to sleep after visiting Dave's family. Anyway, the cupcakes look fun.

Kat said...

They were DELICIOUS, too! You're so crafty. Love it. I will just live vicariously through you!