Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Craft #2: Sparkling Spider Webs

This is a craft that was inspired by a post on Pinterest. But I wanted to try it because I am lacking in decorations plus this was essentially a free craft since I already had all the supplies (which are cheap anyway).
Halloween Craft #2: Glitter Spider Web

Here's what you'll need:
1.wax paper or freezer paper with a waxy side (comes in larger size than wax paper)
2. glitter
3. glue-such as Elmer's
4. disposable box , optional, for controlling the spread of a glittery mess

Step 1: Lay your wax paper down on a flat working surface (inside your optional box).

Step 2: Open the tip of your glue bottle and start drawing a glue web.

Step 3: Pour generous amounts of glitter over your completed web, making sure every bit of it gets coated in sparkles.

Step 4: Allow to dry completely (this make take up to 24 hours). When dry, lift wax paper and shake off all the extra glitter (into your box, if you have one). Gently peel back the wax paper and remove your web. All done!

Tip: After a few more days the web does become brittle because it's just dried glue. So be gentle with it and keep toddlers away if you don't want it broken.

You can also do this trick on a painted pumpkin like I did a few years ago:

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