Friday, July 12, 2013

A Little Birthday

My son just turned 2, and although he isn't of age yet to have any birthday expectations, I wanted to at least have a little family party for him. I went with a summer theme but I hardly have any photos, like hardly any at all. And my daughter deleted the photos of my handmade piñata, so I don't even have that to share! But all of these ideas were taken from other people, none of them are mine, so I'm okay with that. I just didn't feel like I had enough time to be uniquely creative.

What I do have is watermelon on a stick, which I must say I loved. Made it easier for the kids to eat it too. (These are easy, just make a little slit with a knife in the rind and shove a stick up in it).

 And caterpillar grapes, which I snapped a quick photo of before they disappeared (they are already half gone).

And to go along with the popsicle piñata we had popsicle cupcakes with orange dreamsicle frosting, yum!

We also had kebabs for dinner, and of course corn on the cob. The weather was lovely in our shady back yard. It was a fun little family party and now I think he knows what "birthday" means in the celebratory sense of the word, anyway.

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