Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Costumes 2013

For some reason I always come up with these costumes that are difficult to live in. Like barely fitting though door-ways and no room to store them kind of costumes. I'm going to try to do better in that aspect in the future!
Back in July, when I started brainstorming for Halloween, I asked Ava for suggestions, and she said she wanted to be a cake. I was totally on board. So a little cardboard, poster board, duct tape, and felt, and voilá! Here's the finished product!

I wanted it to be kind of girly, not like a wedding cake. But fun, not like a 9x13 pan cake or something, and recognizable. I almost put candles on every layer, but decided that would be too much. What do you think? Should I have? The candles are just paper straws with some felt flames glued in.

The nice thing is that I only had to buy the pink felt and white fleece. The sprinkle colors of felt I already had in my stash (it's just the 45 cent sheets of felt).

And this is the support structure. Real fancy, eh? cardboard boxes, posterboard, and duct tape. With a slit in the back to help get it on her. Really though, the back could have been all closed up except for the top circle which needed to bend open to allow her head through. I did put buttons on the back of the fabric so it wasn't gaping open or anything.

That cardboard part will be tossed now so I can easily store the fabric part. When I want to use it again, it will only cost me about $2 to remake the cardboard support structure.
The best part though, is how happy she was when she put it on. She absolutely love it! That is the best reward of all!
I'll post Ezra's costume next.
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Greg said...

You are amazing! I am not at all surprised, but it is SO fun to see how creative you are! I can't wait to see the next costume.

Linnea said...

What a great costume!! I like the candles just on top - just the right touch.

Lori said...

so great!!! i showed the photo of her as a cake around work. so many were impressed and not surprised.

Jsmom said...

Amazing!! i have a quick question for you...what is the measurement across each circle?? Would love to try this!! 16 in across on the top??:)

cool math said...
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beth matthews said...

I want to do this. How did you do the hat?

Unknown said...

I'm going on the show let's make a deal Feb 10th it's my birthday that day,gonna try a different make this costume wish me luck.

Unknown said...
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