Thursday, August 21, 2008

Baby Peeptee Teepees

No I'm not pregnant. Baby stuff is just easy to make because it's small. Okay and I want a baby, but that's not why I'm making all this stuff. Well, maybe deep down inside there is an underlying psychology to it, but let's not go there.
Anyway, onto the creations. A few months ago I went to a baby shower where my dear friend N. gave the cutest little gift, so I decided to recreate it. These are called Pee-pee Teepees (for the sprinkling wee-wee), and I'm guessing there's a trademark or patent or something, but you can find them here. So I probably can't sell these, at least not under that name, but next family member to have a baby boy, this is what you'll probably get from me :) Comes will a little baggie for keeping them together and for washing. This isn't my favorite fabric, but it's all I had lying around that was boy colored and had a small pattern on it. The insides are terry cloth, for good absorbtion of the little diaper-changing sprinklings. Pin It

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