Saturday, April 17, 2010

Antilop Cushion

I bought the IKEA Antilop high chair for little {A} because I like the size and simplicity (and price!). But when I first put her in it, she wasn't sitting up super well yet and her head rubbed the back and she was not happy. So I found a free online pattern at BluDor, for a cushion for this chair. I used some leftover fabric I had to make this washable cushion. It's hot pink on the reverse side. Unfortunately the cushion pattern wasn't what I'm used to (no seam allowance, a little too short--perhaps because it's European and they do things differently than here). I cut my fabric larger, but still it came out a little small & short. I'm only telling you that so that if you decide to make one yourself, you are aware of needed adjustments.
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bludor said...

Hay Christy. I'm sorry you didn't like the pattern, but it is ok.
You need to know a few thinks. Of course the pattern is without the seam allowances, because people sew differently, I work with 1 cm, some work with a 1.5 cm...and so on. And all the patterns in Europe are made without the seam allowance. So, this is not something new.

The second important thing: before you cut the pattern, you need to sew the padding on the fabric, because it will shrink, and after that you cut the pattern.

And one stupid mistake (I admit, I did it with my first cushion). I use the Ikea fabric, gorgeous one, and I like it so much. But I didn't wash the fabric before I start my first cushion was too small too.

Anyway, have a nice day. Lidija aka BLUDOR