Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh, Wouldn't It Be Lovely?

Today I spotted these lovely framed decorations over at Curbly. And I have to agree, the DIY light bulb in me totally went off. It would be so fun to recreate these. Even more fun than buying them (for $65 a pop). They are lovely by themselves...
 Or with objects!

If she wasn't on the other side of the country, I'd give them to my mom, whose house has been referred to before as "the white house". She likes things light and airy, which I suppose is right on trend these days. They would be fun in an entryway. Or at least in my entryway. Pin It


Daniela said...

I LOVE it, i love it, i love it

Gayle said...

I love these! My favorite is the vase. It looks so pretty with flowers. I'm definitely going to have to try to make something like this someday. :)

Lexi said...

I absolutely LOVE these! (Adding them to my Friday Link Love.)

xox Lexi
Glitter & Pearls

Ivana said...

Wonderful! I want them all :)

xx Ivana

emm said...

these are lovely and i'm sure you will make as much lovely yourself.
can u tell me what material can be/ should be used for making them at home.
thank you

Christy said...

You know how picture frames often come with a smooth backing on them that holds your picture in place? I think I would start with that and spray paint the frame and backing. Then get a mini shelf from a craft store and glue it on using wood glue or something strong like E5000. And get a wall hook from a thrift store, or Anthropologie has great one if you are willing to spend more. As for the vase, I'm honestly not sure the best way to cut that in half. I'd have to research that... Might require special equipment, might not. Good luck!