Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's Raining Felt

Over a year ago I saw this darling felt cloud and raindrops from Etsy seller Butterflying.
When I started planning baby boy's nursery I knew I wanted to include this idea over the crib. See, I'm paranoid about anything framed or heavy falling off the wall and injuring baby, so this idea was perfect. I customized it to match my nursery and made my own.

Once I have Ava moved into her new room and the baby moved into the nursery, I'll share photos of the whole room. I still haven't shown you the crib bedding, have I? I will.  Pin It


Lori said...

LOVE the little rain cloud! So sweet.

Jen Wheatley said...

Love it! It reminds me of the decor I had in my room as a small child. How simple and adorable!