Saturday, June 11, 2011

Twin Duvet Cover

Ava will soon be moving into a new room and bed to make room for the new baby (though I plan to procrastinate as long as possible). Her nursery is pretty un-girly, so I thought this time I'd try to be more feminine for her. I'm not a big fan of pink and purple, but decided I'd let Ava decide for herself about such things. It's no ruffles and lace, but I'm taking baby steps here, okay?
Her room starts with the bed and duvet cover. Since all the duvet covers I liked were pretty expensive, I decided to make my own. I used this Tina Given's fabric by Free Spirit. (And I have extra yardage, so if you want some you can go to my Etsy site).

The bed is from IKEA but I got it from the local classifieds for around $100. 

See the cute dots on the sheets? Awww. So cute. (I didn't make the sheets, I got them here.)
See those snaps below? Yeah, I hammered those in myself. It was my first time doing that kind of snaps, and it was so super easy. Instructions are just on the back of the package and all you need is a hammer and a spool of thread. You should try it, if you never have. I want to put snaps on everything now.
Next I have to figure out what color to paint the room. I was planning on doing a really pale yellow, but now I'm afriad that with the tan carpet that might turn pretty blah. And I don't know if I can bring myself to go pink on the walls (even a very light pink)... Especially because this duvet reflects quite a bit of pink into the room (and hallway) already. But if I put a cute little yellow night stand next to the bed, it would sure be cute. There is a bit of very light aqua in the duvet, but the new boy's nursery is that color so I don't want two rooms the same color. Suggestions?
If you are looking for a good duvet tutorial, this is the one that gave me basic direction. Just make sure you square up/true up your fabric before you cut it! I didn't and it caused a bit of headache for me. And keep in mind, as you calculate your measurements, that home decor fabric is like 54" wide on the bolt and quilting cottons (standard fabrics) are like 44". That will make a difference in how many yards you need.
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Talk of the Town said...

I can't believe she is old enough for a bed!

I say the carpet is kind of a neutral like craft, so the yellow could look good. You could also put an area rug down on the carpet. I kind of like that look. Then you could break up the beige carpet.

Or, they have textured wallpaper for painting. You could do a white wall with some interesting pattern on it.

There, is my two cents!

Amanda said...

Super cute! And those dots are a great contrast.

vicky said...

You can go yellow on the walls or leave them as they are. Pop them up by getting some wooden butterflies from a crafts store and paint them yellow white, soft pink and almost purple like is in the duvet. its modern, adds a girlie touch and it isn't a major commitment, easy to remove later!

Christy said...

Great suggestions, thanks!

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