Tuesday, June 25, 2013

DIY Chalkboard Decor

You would think that being a designer and creative Do-It-Yourselfer, I would have a nicely decorated house. You would think. But you see, I'm an overly practical person. I can't bring myself to buy or make any decor that doesn't also serve a useful purpose. Lame, I know. I'm working on it. Doesn't help that I'm "frugal" either, and have commitment issues with furnishings.

Enter the kitchen framed chalkboard. Attractive but useful. I can use it to write notes, messages, recipes, grocery lists, reminders, or just leave it as decoration. I had this frame from a previous project and was needing to do an experiment with making your own chalkboard paint anyway, so it was a perfect opportunity.
Here's how to do your own.
1. Spray paint a frame.
2. Take a piece of foam core or other stiff smooth surface and cut it to size.
3. Roll it with either chalkboard paint or a homemade version (mix 1/2 c latex paint and 1 Tablespoon non-sanded grout).*

*My experience with the homemade stuff: Its pretty good actually. You should probably sift your grout with a flour sifter or something, because the only issue I had was a few small clumps that had to be smoothed out and covered again.

I got the paint for free and the grout for free and the frame was like $3, so not a bad deal overall! (see, I told you I'm frugal) Pin It


Tanya Michaelis said...

You made that awesome chalkboard and frame! I've been wanting to do that FOREVER!! And yours is so cute! And your writing and message are awesome! Thanks for the DIY tutorial. That one is on my wish list!

Oh, and where did you find such a beautiful $3 frame? And where do you buy foam core?

Christy said...

Good questions. The frame I got at Tai Pan Trading from the clearance bin. Wish I'd bought more of them. And foam core you can buy at Michaels or any art store. Maybe JoAnns, I'm not sure. It's usually near the poster board or large sheets of art paper.

Madinah said...

Great readinng